Place of Worshi
Place of Worship

Khajuraho temples-a must see for any tourist interested in the art and architectural beauty of India The sepuctral architectural style of Khajuraho temples is very different from temples of the same period. These templed stand out because they are not enclosed within the customary enclosures but rather stand on a masonry platform. Each of the chief compartments has its own roof, grouped in a way that the highest is in centre and the lowest over the portico- the cumulative effect is a reminder of the soaring peaks of the Himalayas. These temples are built from east to west and have three main parts- the entrance (ardha mandapa), assembly hall (mandapa) and an inner sanctum (garbhagriha).
They are seperated into three directional groups: Western, eastern and southern. The most famous are the group in the west which are also the most typical of the Khajuraho temples.The main temple is the Kandariya Mahadeo here. The shrine has an exquisitely carved entrance arch with a variety of themes, celestial beings, lovers, serenading musicians- movements which are captured in stone and frozen in time, yet captivating the warmth of pulsating life. The stone seems to have taken on the sensousness of the carved figures.The Chaunsat the oldest surviving shrine .out of the three granite temples, this one is dedicated to Godess Kali but sadly the image has not survived. The Chitragupta Temple is dedicated to Sun God. The imposing five feet idol is driven by a seven-horsed chariot. The Vishwanath temple has an impressive three-headed image of Lord Brahma. The exteriors are profously carved and facing the shrine is a Nandi temple with a massive 6 ft high Nandi Bull. There are few Vaishnavite temples like those of Lakshmana and Varaha temples.
The eastern group consists mainly of Jain and Hindu temples . The sculptures on the northern outer wall makes the Parsavanath temple finest in the group. The carvings are infinite timeless, of a women bending thoughtfully over a letter, a damsel removing a thorn from her foot. The other Jain temples are Ghantai, Adinath temple. This group also has three hindu temple- Brahma, Vamana and Javari temples. Southern group of temples are five kms from the Khajoraho village. Chaturbhuj temple has a massive, intricately carved image of Vishnu. Duladeo temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva.